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#Selfie360 is a photography and social network app available for both iOS and Android that takes Selfies to the next level with different modes: Panorama, Portrait and Full. Users create their Selfies and can export as both Gif and Mp4 files to social media as well as share them to the Selfie Feed.

Existing Press

Social Media:

iOS Development (please check our #SelfieNews section for upcoming versions):

Version 1.0 launched 12/16/2013

Version 1.2 launched 12/31/2013 – Added social media integration and new capture modes.

Version 1.6 launched 1/30/2014 – Total redesign with video tutorials and 3 modes of capture: Panorama, Portrait and Full.

Version 1.7 launched 2/11/2014 – Share screen updated and feed optimization added.

Version 1.8 launched 2/26/2014 – iPhone 4 support added including better Gyro management and sharing. Minor UI upgrades.

Version 1.9 launched 2/28/2014 – Facebook no longer required to use the app. Better share view and public feed.

Version 2.0 launched 3/13/2014 – User profile description. SelfieSmile (like feature) on the public feed. See other user’s collections and profiles.

Android Development (please check #SelfieNews for upcoming versions):

Version 1.0.1 launched 3/14/2014 – Light version with 3 capture modes and post to feed.

Version 1.1 launched 3/21/2014 – Sharing through Android interface, share link to Selfie Viewer and save GIF to phone added.

Version 1.2 launched 3/24/2014 – User profile view added.

About the Developer:

Egos Ventures is an Atlanta-based innovation lab founded by Bruno Francois (CEO). The company is located in the ATDC, a technology incubator that works closely with GA Tech. In addition to #Selfie360, Egos Ventures is the creator of the popular photography app, Cycloramic, which has cutting edge panoramic software as well as the hands free mode, which has wowed iPhone users globally including its appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. Mark Cuban is an investor in the company.


For press and media related inquiries, please contact Eddie Davis.  eddie (at) egosventures dot com

Snail Mail:

Egos Ventures

75 5th St., Suite 405

Atlanta, GA 30308

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